Truely the best personal training drivers from Ace Driver Ed


About Us

Expert tuition, friendly instructors
At Ace Driver Ed in Wollongong, our driving instructors take a personal interest in their students and encourage them to achieve their best. We will always try to ensure that a student has the same driving instructor throughout their lessons. All of our instructors:

  • Accredited Older Driver Assessor
  • Practice Driving Test
  • Defense Driver Training
  • Specialized Eco-friendly Driving
  • Are trained to the highest standards
  • Custom fit the lessons to your needs and abilities
  • Offer professional advice and drivers’ training

When you choose Ace Driver Ed you are making the best investment for your future behind the wheel, your safety, and the safety of others on the road. When it comes to training drivers, Ace Driver Ed is the team to call!

We can teach anyone how to drive
We offer a personal approach to training drivers based on each student’s experience and level of competence.

We have a range of flexible courses to meet your needs, covering theory, practical, and even intensive courses which include a combination of both taken over a shorter time frame.

Ace Driver Ed is flexible when training drivers. You can choose a one off refresher course before you sit your test or a package of lessons.

Our driving instructors in Wollongong are also driving enthusiasts, so when you choose Ace Driver Ed you are learning from people who love what they do.